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Parties for Kids/Teens

Parties for Kids/Teens

Gather your close friends, family or co-workers for an unforgettable experience. With full access to our art studio and event space, select ​from multiple projects and formats. Perfect for bachelorette/bridal parties, baby showers, team building, etc.

 For specific event options, click on the button below. General information about registration and the studio space can be found here


Parties for Kids/Teens

Parties for Kids/Teens

Parties for Kids/Teens

Gather a group of friends and head to the Art Studio to create some practical, cool projects. Perfect for birthday parties, Girl Scouts, team outings, etc!

For specific event options, click on the button below. General information about registration and the studio space can be found here.



Parties for Kids/Teens


Repurpose your own heirloom and broken pieces into a new design! Join the owner of Marquess Studios for a custom jewelry event with your closest friends and family.  Individual appointments are also available! Hosted in her charming jewelry studio, you will select favorite beads and baubles, or better yet, incorporate your own pieces into a custom piece of jewelry. So, gather Grandma's earrings, mom's broken jewelry and a coin from your favorite vacation. This is your story. 

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Trunk Shows and Online Fundraisers

Interested in bringing us to your event location to raise money for your non-profit?

We also offer 'Online Trunk Shows' where we can highlight certain products / categories with a give-back percentage going directly back to your non-profit. We do all of the work on our end and will help you come up with a communication plan to spread the word.

​​​Send us a message and tell us about your event/organization!​


Custom Designs for Non-Profit Organizations

 A significant portion of our business is aligned with fundraising efforts to help non-profits support their mission with intentional and meaningful products/experiences.  

For large organizations, we can discuss partnering with you to design a specific piece with a portion of the proceeds benefiting your organization.  Just drop us a note to tell us about your organization and any ideas you may have!


'On Your Marq' Spirit Accessories for Schools & Teams


Shortly after opening, Tara designed some accessories for a school fundraiser using the school district's mascot. From there, 'On Your Marq' spun off as a separate brand of Marquess Studios, offering a distinct line of accessories for schools, sports teams and organizations. The mix is influenced by Marquess Studios' vintage designs, resulting in a super cool, fresh approach to branded accessories and fundraising, helping organizations meet their "marq". ​If you are interested in seeing some sample custom designs and partnering with Marquess Studios, please contact us and tell us about your organization.