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About Marquess Studios


Established in May, 2014, Marquess Studios is located at 305 Greeley Street South, Suite #300 in historic Stillwater, MN, the birthplace of Minnesota. We specialize in repurposing vintage jewelry/custom designs, gifts and specialty items for entertaining and recently, opened an art studio for private events. Surrounded by so much inspiration--especially from our guests who visit and design pieces with us--we use unique and vintage components to create jewelry, accessories, gifts and treasures that are one-of-a-kind. A good day at the studio is when a client sees the final masterpiece that they inspired to tell their story.​

About the Owner


Since she can remember, Tara has been an art-loving, creative, re-purposing junky! After working as an HR and strategy professional in corporate America for 20 years, she decided to listen to her heart and to those closest to her, and go for it! Tara has a gift for turning unexpected items in to something useful and beautiful, a gift she credits to her uber-creative mom. She also strives to make the process very interactive, whether it is designing a signature piece for a fundraiser or including clients' own pieces in to a new creation. Since first visiting Stillwater in the late 90's, she has always had her eye on this special river town and loves living here with her husband and three children. 

About Our Retail Partners


You can find Marquess Studios' creations at the following retailers:

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About Our Retail Partners


Part of the decision to start Marquess Studios, was a desire to use the company as a method of fundraising. Tara has always been involved with fundraising, and wanted to offer unique and practical items to help non-profits raise money to support their mission.  Contact us to learn more!

About Our Collaborative Partners


We are thrilled to collaborate with the following following companies:

  • Create A Celebration - Unique accessories for entertaining and special occasions, holidays and milestones
  • gDesigns of Stillwater - Unique pom hats
  • Pop-up Swag - Founded in Stillwater, this line of stylish spirit wear will keep you looking fabulous on the side lines for Ponies games and events! ​
  • Just-Add-Ice Designs - Check out this line of fresh designs for the figure skating world! You can find accessories designed by Marquess Studios on their website!



  • # 1 Question:  "So, where do you get all of your materials?" Everywhere! Estate sales, auctions, Etsy and a few other favorite spots ​(I can't tell you all of my trade secrets!).
  • Favorite Quote "Where I create, there I am true."  ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Biggest Accomplishments: "Mom, I wear this necklace everyday because it is special to me." Also, having my kids experience building an idea from scratch in to reality--it isn't always roses and butterflies and I want them to be a part of the entire process! 
  • Biggest 'Oops': Not thoroughly testing my mobile site while designing the first iteration of this website.

Favorite Moments at Marquess Studios


Creative time with my own kids   .   A group of friends who lost a friend in 9-11 and came to design jewelry using customized pieces (a pentagon shape & Australian coin)   .   My dad sorting beads with me (for hours)   .   A very symbolic bracelet for a recently divorced mom   .   "The Bear Laked Ladies"   .    A group of ten lifelong friends celebrating Sandy   .   Moving out of my first studio in our basement (you have to start somewhere!)   .   A son stamping a metal plate for his leather bracelet to remember his amazing dad   .   Many hours talking to Mark about my business plan   .   Moving furniture around (a lot) to create the perfect space   .   Hosting a dad and his son during Open Studio to make gifts for mom and sisters   .   Audrey (2 years old) and the dish of crystals that we used to make an 'Angel Tier Drop' to remember her angel twin   .   Jake painting cabinets and furniture with me when I first moved to 110 Myrtle   .   Ortho Assistants who ended up helping to wire their own designs (I think they might hook me up with some tools)!